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Why SUPERMAN Hung Up His Cape To Ride In A Pink Wagon!

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Every girl need a Superman, no matter how old we get. There needs to be someone who can make all the injustices in the world make sense. There needs to be someone who can clear the obstacles in her way, someone bigger than her to not only believe in, but to give her the strength to go forward.

For a lot of girls, me included, their first Superman is Daddy. He is the end-all-be-all in power and authority. Most have all heard, “Just you wait until your Daddy gets home!” He is the one with all the authority. He dictates the fun and all the family excitement, like “You Dad has decided we are going to Disneyland this summer.” or, "Let's see what you dad thinks about going out to eat.". .And when Daddy took time after working 12-14 hour days at work… to play with us kids? WHAT AN HONOR! Someone so important could take time to play in that little red wagon that he painted pink for his daughters! After all, every princess needs a pink carriage, mine and my sisters was a little red wagon he painted pink.

As you get older, you eventually leave the castle Daddy provided and try to make venture out into the big scary world on your own. Maybe you date a few people, maybe you get married, or maybe you are “always a bridesmaid never a bride”. Maybe you finished your degree and are focused on a wonderful career. But, you get older, a little stronger and learn how to chase the dreams that are in your heart. If you are lucky, the seeds of your childhood hopes have grown to a wonderful life. You learn how to pick yourself back up after a broken dream or broken heart. Moms have a way to speak to your heart, but Dads help make sense out the chaotic world.

As a child growing up in the Bible Belt of the Texas Panhandle, our little family of 4 said our prayers over our evening meal. They always started with, “Dear Heavenly Father…”.

I’m going to be honest, brutally honest. I had no idea who a “Heavenly” Father was, but I knew who MY father was. And if this mysterious “Heavenly” Father was anything like my Daddy…He had to be amazing. Truth..., honest truth.

I remember curling up with my Superman Daddy on the floor and watching TV when I was young I remember laying my head on his stomach, hearing his tummy rumble, and telling him he has the biggest muscles I had ever seen.

I don’t know if Daddies realize this, but they never change in their daughter’s eyes. My Dad will always be a bit of a Superman, always. Not only was he always there for me, he was always there for my mom, my younger sister, and even our little dog. ALWAYS!

My dad never let his family down, or anyone else for that matter down. He may not preach you a sermon, but he lives his live as a testimony to his Faith. If you recall in the bible, there were actually 2 people who walked on water: Jesus and Peter. Peter may have faltered and started slipping in the water, but he did walk on water for a step or two. Now…if my Dad was there…I’m sure he would have been walking with Jesus on the water, too.

I don't play princess, nor do I still have that Pink Princess Wagon anymore. I happen to be over 50 now with a grown son of my own. I have seen a more human side of Dad since I have gotten older. I see his humble spirit, his kind demeanor, I see his inner strength, and his daily application of faith and how his hair has turned white with age and wisdom. You see, my dad is my hero. The Godly traits mentioned in the bible, I now see in my Dad. I also see the day to day discipline to stay focused in God’s word. I see his his humility before God, his daily reliance on God’s strength and His will. I see the trust he has in God. God has always been there for him, manifesting in one way or another. He will tell you God worked through my mother...but they were always together. And God was there for him, too.

I recall a moment just after my son was born I was struggling on how to go forward as a single mom. While mom helped me to focus on the joyful parts of motherhood, Dad helped me focus on the tough parts of parenthood. I had no means to provide for me AND a baby, and had no idea how I was going to juggle this new role.

I ask my Dad how I was supposed to know what decisions were for the best of my new family, how was I supposed to know what jobs that were worth relocating for. When I asked, I was a little disappointed he didn't answer immediately. But as he rose from his chair to leave the room, he turned and looked directly at me. The words out of his mouth were solid gold.

He gave me one sentence. One. "There is a certain sense of pride in knowing you can take care of your family". And he left the room.

Taking care of your family meant leading by example, living a life worth imitating. Not only financially taking care of your family, but emotionally, spiritually, and leading by God's example. My Dad blazed, and still does, at trail that he wanted his daughters (and grandson) to follow. He lived, and still does so that he is hold his head high, to be able to face himself and God each day in the mirror, and live a life that is isn't ashamed of. Sometimes he finished first, sometimes he didn't. But that lesson is still with me.

Some men take the role of Daddy seriously, some just muddle through somehow. I’m not sure which way my dad saw it. But from my view…he lives an example worth following because he bears his weakness and through trust and prayer. dad does his conscious best from day to day.

I have had over 50 years of seeing his decision making, and seeing the “why” he does what he does. The Superman that used to wear the cape, well, he doesn’t wear it anymore like he used to. I see now it was never the cape that made him a super man, it was his walking and living faith in Christ. It was living a life worthy of his family, living to the best of his ability every single day, to make his life worth living for God. He knew there were 2 little girls that thought (and believed) he could almost walk on water. He never wanted to do anything to damage that trust or that faith, and he has continually stayed close to God. . He never claimed a right to be worthy, but through his humility and bearing his own weakness…all that my sister and I saw was God’s strength.

Dad will tell you he knows that Superman I used to look up to pretty well, and that he may or may not be worth all the praises I send his way. He will say he knows all the strengths and all the weakness that Superman has. But...all I know is the view I have from here. Every girls need their mother, and I had an AMAZING mother and she was my very best BEST friend and I miss her more than you know! But there is something different about a Daddy.

Somehow he went from Superman to a super man. And I admire the man more today than I ever have. And you see, there was a super man…who rode in a Pink Princess Wagon with his 2 young daughters .

A few weeks ago, my son received a mug in the mail. Dad sent Jordon the beloved Superman Mug that he used to drink Hot Cocoa from. He doesn’t wear the Superman cape anymore, because as a super man he simply outgrew it.

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