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MAYBE ~by Robert Kramer

“I love you.

I love you not.

I love you.

I love you not.”

My wife looked bemused.  “So is that what your old girlfriend said when she jilted you?”

I shrugged…  ”We knew long before, that our romance was hopeless.  She gave our split a theatrical twist by plucking daisy petals as we sat on a park bench.”

Barbara wrinkled her nose.  “That was over forty years ago.  Why mention it to me now?”

I shrugged again.  “Because we’re in a park sitting on a bench, and there’s a daisy to your left.”

My wife nodded, picked the daisy, and gave me a stern look.  She started plucking, eventually reaching,

“I love you.

I love you not.

I love you MAYBE.

I love you.”

I sighed, gave Barbara a hug.   “Saved by ‘MAYBE’.”

Barbara answered with a kiss.

We sat contentedly, not saying a word until a butterfly gracefully landed on a daisy.

Barbara observed,

“How quietly

An orange Monarch

Breaks my Silence.”

"Mine, too”, I agreed.  “It’s a lovely creature.  No ‘maybe’ either.”

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