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Sometimes it takes a dagger to the heart to learn to let things go. 

The pain forces you to drop something to which you have given your very best, you trusted in, relied upon and counted on.  You relinquish something that once meant a great deal to you, and at one time you prayerfully thanked God for daily. You realize you have been outmatched by someone you never expected., someone you once considered dear. It takes that dagger to the heart or betrayal you never anticipated to let the past go. 

As you back away from the strike to the heart, you catch yourself asking a few questions:

1.       Is this Karma?

2.       What actions did I take, that warranted this reaction?

3.       Am I over analyzing?

4.       Am I being too sensitive?

5.       Am I asking for too much?  Are my expectations too high?

6.       Or…is God closing that door in a manner that I will recognize?

My answers are varied. 

I’ve learned that Money, Power, and Greed change people.  It's human nature. It affects people in church, your co-workers, your colleagues, acquaintances, and friends. No one is exempt unless they have one character trait…HUMILITY.  And today that is a rare trait in people

It isn’t always your actions that caused the pain, it can be theirs. They caused the calamity.  You can't do anything about it, but you can learn and prepare for it next time.  Remember, not everyone is like you are.  They don’t see the world like you do.  If everyone was like you the world would be a better place. It's a tough day when you realize a kind word you spoke 3 months ago was interpreted as a passive aggressive remark. I thought "Hello", simply meant "Hello". Karma can be defined as, "you reap what you sow." Except you sow kindness and reap anger because someone didn't understand kindness.


Sometimes you are over analyzing and too sensitive.  And yes, you are asking for too much and your expectations are too high Again, not everyone is like you.  Yes…people are selfish, lie and are mean and they like being that way. You can’t change that. Things are done with the sole purpose of hurting you. People will lie. People won't care how it impact you. Once you know that, you can go on. They aren’t changing their actions, they aren't apologizing, and they don't care. You can’t change that.  Don’t expect to. Deal with it…you suffer those consequences quietly, albeit with your head high.

Hardest lessons in life? a) Learning the Good Guy doesn't always win. b) There are a WHOLE LOT OF people who are mean and hurt you on purpose. c) And everyone will get away with it. Don't expect it to be different.

God may have used that scenario to close a door or chapter in your life.  Yes, it hurts. Yes, you feel betrayed.  No, it wasn’t fair.  Remember who you are, where you are headed, why you are headed that way, and why it is important.  If you can’t get those answers…pray for them.  I’m a firm believer in prayer.  Sometimes it is the simple “hope” that God hears you that activates the faith that He will. 

Life is life.  It happens when you least expect it and it happens to everyone. You are no exception.  And…life goes on.  With or without you. Like it or not. There are things in life you should hang on to, and things you have to let go.  You can’t carry old baggage and expect to carry today’s joy.  Sometimes, things in your life release themselves.. Sometimes it's people in your life, sometimes it's memories, sometimes its your starting point.

And sometimes that hurts.  Expect it.

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