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Updated: Jun 17, 2020

My Dad wrote this in 2007. Difficult times hit the family, and Dad was over 1500 miles away. Nothing like a Daddy's kisses and hug!s to make the world right again!

When you were just a baby Into your room I’d sneak Watch you softly sleeping And kiss you on the cheek

As you grew up, got older I would always be nearby And try to kiss the pain away When I would see you cry

Though you’re all grown up now And all mine no more I still kiss you on the cheek When you walk out my door

Sometimes bad things happen And there is nothing I can do I feel so totally helpless And of no help to you

I wish I had it in me Those magic words to say I wish that I could hold you And make the pain all go away

I wish that I could be there To wipe away your tears I wish that I was closer To help you ease your fears

But I cannot be there To be of help to you From so very far away There’s not much I can do

So at the start of each new day And once more at the end Turn your cheek towards Daddy I’ll send kisses in the wind

I’ve already sent a billion I’ll send them ten times again So even when I’m here no more You’ll have kisses in the wind

I hope there’s magic in these winds So in their special way When you listen close enough You’ll always hear them say....

I Love You, Daddy

Written by Jan Andrews, 2007

Photo by Karen Brilliant Andrews

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