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Of All of The Wonders & Accomplishments, Being DADDY was the BEST!

Updated: Jun 27, 2020


When it comes my time to go And I look back on my years I know I will have no regrets No memories full of tears

St. Peter's going to ask me How did I spend my life I'll tell him I had so much fun With my family, kids and wife

What stands out he will ask me What did I do for fun What things did I enjoy the most Of all the things I've done

Was it a walk off hit in softball Shaking hands with Mickey Mouse Looking across the Golden Gate Or making love in our first house

Now, these things were all great But not, you see, most fun 'Cause I had more fun being Daddy Than anything else I've done

God blessed me with two babies Two blued eyed little girls The oldest a little red head The other with long blond curls

They held my hands to stand up And toddle down the hall I showed them how to hold a bat So they could hit a ball

I showed them how to plant a seed And watch a flower grow I taught them how to ride a bike And make angels in the snow

They would jump up in my lap When I sat back in my chair Lay their heads upon my chest And I would gently stroke their hair

I got to be there with them When they made castles in the sand And take off work a little early To watch them in the band

I would pull them in a wagon Spend an hour or so at tea I'd feed them dessert at meal time Who was messiest - them or me

We watched cartoons in the mornings 101 Dalmatians at the show We'd go for walks in the sunshine Catch butterflies and let them go

They showed me how to dress up dolls Things that little girls do We ate hot dogs at the county fair Saw monkeys at the zoo

I took them on a Ferris Wheel And to a baseball game I had done this before all by myself But it wasn't quite the same

I got to take them both to church Where they learned to do things right Helped them read their bibles And say their prayers at night

I heard them sing about Noodle-o's Write poems about hogs on logs We had water fights in the backyard And held little puppy dogs

Being Dad is such a blessing And Papa, that's another one But I had more fun being Daddy Than anything else I've done

Written by Jan Andrews

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