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Of Course YOUR LIFE MATTERS, it Always Has!

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Everyone is upset about everything right now. There is a constant air of unrest in the news and social media and the sole purpose seems to be to create upheaval and outrage. There seems to be competition to see who matters the most. What happened to our peace?

I’ve heard that anger is simply pain turned inside out. If that is the case, there are a lot of hurt people right now. People want peace, love, acceptance, justification, and acknowledgement. We want to know that we as people matter and are noticed. Today, you see people violently fight to be noticed and deemed worthy.

If you believe in Creation, you also believe all things in were provided for us in the Garden of Eden. The need for fulfillment, acknowledgement, and love is in our DNA and was provided freely. Additionally, if you believe in Creation, you also believe that we screwed that up and got kicked out of the Garden of Eden. We now live and struggle with our sinful choices. However, our created DNA never changed. The need for love, acceptance, and fulfillment is deep within our being.

When I look out into the world and the news, I see so many people seeking for that justification, acceptance, and love. They are hurt and angry. You see so many people screaming that MY LIFE MATTERS.

Yes, your life matters.

I was born and raised in the “Bible Belt”, so naturally, my values reflect that belief system. I consider myself a Christian. That means I know I’m a screw-up and I make tons of mistakes. However, God loves me anyway and has forgiven the long list of wrongs. Luckily, my place is Heaven isn’t based on my long list of failings, but on the continual 2nd chance God gives me – we call it Grace. This is the foundation of my belief system.

As a child, my mom and dad did their best to teach me right from wrong. They taught me that when a person dies, the important part of them goes to Heaven, and the unimportant part stays here. The unimportant part is the body. The things that make up my body: my blue eyes, my natural red hair, and the skin that I moisturize daily will all stay here. While they are relevant, it isn’t the part of me that is considered REALLY important. It's the invisible part that make up my heart and soul, and that is what I was taught God was interested in the most. It is a shame that the visible part of ourselves is getting all the attention and not what is in our heart.

I was taught to see a person’s heart first, their hair and eye color second. Messages all around say “My Life Matters”. I can see evidence of anger, frustration, and hurt. While I have not felt yours, I have felt those same emotions in my life. And they are no fun.

I see messages “this life matters”, or “that life matters”. Almost like there is a competition. No matter who you are, you absolutely matter.

I’ve always heard that “what goes around, comes around” – or “You reap what you sow”. I don’t want anger to “go” or “come” around for anyone. If you are “sowing” anger, I don’t want you to “reap” anger. I want everyone to have love, acceptance, and peace.

I want everyone to know that we all struggle. Just because you don’t see the struggle, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Your life matters, my neighbor’s life matters, the guy at the gas station matters, and the guy on the corner matters. Babies matter, grandparents at the nursing home matter, hospital patients matter, even CEO’s and a professional athletes’ lives matter.

We all struggle. Life is hard, no one has it easy. The sin that was brought into the world saw to it that we all have a heavy load to carry. Remember, just because someone carries their load well, doesn’t mean it isn’t heavy! Not everyone sees the load you carry because they are busy carrying their own load. It isn’t intentional, life is hard.

There is so much hate in the air lately. You see it in politics, on downtown streets, in the parks, even on healthcare issues. And the common thread is My LIFE MATTERS.

Yes, YOU MATTER. Your life matters, and everything about you matters. Every last one of us matters. God loves us all, He created us all… just the way we are. He loves the invisible part of us, too. That is the part that drives who and what we become…it’s the heart and soul.. That is the important part, and it isn't visible.

Veterans? Homeless? Elderly? Orphaned? Students? Addicts? Single-parents? Widowers?

No matter who you are…. No matter where you are...

YOU MATTER! Your Life Matters!

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13 jul 2020

I love this message!

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